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28 July 2009

A new leaf has turned

As I mentioned before - I am in love with mini books. I started scrapbooking with a 12x12 book then went down to an 8x8 and minis. I love minis because you can give them as a gift or put them around the house and they are just oh so beautiful.
This one will be a gift most likely. It's a coffee sleeve mini with quotes from famous people about coffee! Yummy.
"I am selling kits to make these very mini books in my shop next week, keep an eye out! Love."

Since working out and interviewing for jobs I've felt so refreshed. I'm ready to take on the world. Which is huge improvement to this time last year. Then I was afraid of going out, of riding in cars and of life basically, every ache and pain worried me because of my car accident (it was bad, after my settlement I'll share pictures). I'm still afraid to drive, but I'll over come that some day!
And my first entry.
I love Casting Crowns. They have songs I love to sing along with.
Tomorrow I am going to take lots of pictures!


Rachell Taylor 29 July, 2009  

What a cute idea with the coffee sleeve mini book! I want to make one now for a friend who is obsessed with Starbucks. Thanks for sharing.