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2 August 2009

It's all cute

Just wanted to share with you a few things I did this weekend.
I painted this little birdie painting (12"x12") for my shop next week! I will be painting about 6 more paintings as well, this is just a sneak peek!
I painted this Marilyn Monroe for my friend Megan's guest bedroom. She collects Monroe items and it looks soooo classy. This isn't my style, I don't really paint like this much at all so it was a first. How did I do?
And this is Charlie(my Patterdale Daschund) drinking juice from a straw! One night I was drinking some juice and I was finished (because I can only drink and eat a tiny bit at a time) so I thought I'd let him try and he seriously drinks it! Haha. Aww bless him with his tiny legs and big head. :)
Another fantastic week in the bag. What is to come this next week? LOTS LOTS LOTS of painting and drawing, a shop update, going to the gym 3 times a week and doing crunches every night, applying at more jobs(hoping I'll get the Day Care job!!)


stina 02 August, 2009  

aw, charlie is adorable!

i'm gonna make the effort to move my butt a bit this upcoming week as well, i'm so inspired by your progress! i don't need to lose any weight but i definitely need to get healthier.

good luck with the job hunt, this is something i need to get started with asap, and i'm too looking for day care jobs actually.

Miss Wanderlust 02 August, 2009  

I LOVE that your dog is drinking from the box!! So cute!! Your blog is wicked inspirational and motivating for me! Thank you :)

anne esquibel 02 August, 2009  

Thanks girls! Can't wait to get painting this week. Really hope I get that job :)


Rachell Taylor 03 August, 2009  

Aww, cute video. And great paintings. I'm not a painter but you girls all make it look so simple (I know its not). I may need to invest in some paints soon.