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17 August 2009

Weekly Inspiration

My lip balm, Laura Lips..will be given away at this week!

This Brownie. I used to have one (sold it on ebay) but I'd love another!! From

Alice book.

This is probably the most delicious bento I've seen(
here) yet!! This was made for a hubby's 12 hr shift. I've been working 9 1/2 hr shifts this week and would love to have a lunchbox like this! But I come home for lunch! :) And eat tiny meals with my kids. I will talk about my job later this week!

TTV PHOTOS! Love love love

Long hair
Daschunds!! I think they'd make a great companion for Charlie.

These adorable sock monkeys!

I am head over heels for
Jalapeno Cheese Nachos! You might ask how they are inspiring..well you can always make or grab some and work hard. I love to create and each nachos, because I can only eat a tiny bit - they last for the whole creating time! :)

Bread Box! Love the design.

Naked Ladies. Listen fellas..this is my favourite flower.
Hope it's inspiring for you too! I'm off for a snack, decaf latte and sleep!! :)


AJ 17 August, 2009  

Loving the kitchen, but I wanna big ol' WINDOW in there!

Tom Kitchen 17 August, 2009  

Hey hey, cheers very much for the feature. Glad you like it.