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15 August 2009


Oh man, I must apologize for my absence!! I got the job at the Child Development Centre and have been working hard. However, I still have time to make a sock monkey! And I am going to do that now.

I must get on my list of to do's!:
1. sock monkeys
2. gift in a jar
3. write a letter to a friend
4. photograph some ttv stylee
5. read ps i love you
6. make some little soaps with lavender and this really good herb for your skin called "loveage" for my shop!!
7. paint some of those lovely white canvases i have!!
8. blog more
9. eat more! (i've not been eating well lately)
10. always - love myself more

Love love!


Rachell Taylor 16 August, 2009  

Congrats on the job. And great to do list.