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4 September 2009

Flickr fun

These clipboards are becoming a very popular form of inspiration and projects and even framing. I love the idea. I have a very plain bedroom and think that even just a few clipboards would make the room more lively and inspiring. I have a very demanding job right now and anything I make will be made from my bed (during the week) so having my inspiration in front of me will help so much. This photo and idea came from
Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave.

I adore
this garland! I want to make two this fact I'm going up to my room (8:30pm) to finish my movie and make these!! I am also going to load up on some hot soup or hot cocoa and nurse this cold.

Also from
elsie*cakes' flickr hand stitching. I love stitching and I want to start making a few things for my home some day, and maybe a couple for Christmas presents.

Not only do I love this girl, she's super nice and completely inspiring..but knitting and crochetting is just as fun! I am making a scarf..I need to finish it (again a bed project).
Silje Silje girl!
Ok it's time for some much needed resting. Have a beautiful weekend.
Any plans?


Rachell Taylor 05 September, 2009  

These clipboards have been inspiration for a while now to me. This weekend we're resting up for the fair on Sunday!