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3 September 2009

I don't feel well

Hello. hello. I got new glasses as you can see! I also don't feel very well! I'm going to nurse myself tonight because I have a (very demanding) job and I work tomorrow then Ms. Williams will be here. I am pretty sure we will take the night easy then go shopping Saturday morning or something.

I'm taking a workshop for indie businesses right now by Leigh-Ann (freckled nest) and Jill (lune vintage) so far it's really inspiring. I plan on doing the homework straight away and making this the start of a serious - creative business life. I hope to accomplish both the creative business and working fulltime (whilst I have to right now) and some day taking my gift to full time.

Up to bed with some tea, a notebook and 50 First Dates for a special phone call, sleep and medicine.


Miss Wanderlust 04 September, 2009  

feel better :( Your last post was super inspiring!! Love it! Your blog rocks :) I am a follower now finally!!