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7 September 2009

Self photo

I love it. It is all me, and it makes me love myself and smile and happy! It was taken in my church's play ground. Gotta love those auto timer's..I would do a family photos but it's really just me, no bf or children so..anyway! Love it!
Feeling a little better. Could do with some food in my tummy!!


Jenny at Dos 07 September, 2009  

Hey!!! Thank you so much for participating. I will borrow it for the challenge. If that is okey.

I love the photo, makes me happy.
Swedish greetings
/Jenny at

Rachell Taylor 08 September, 2009  

You look adorable in this photo. So happy.

sunny 08 September, 2009  

Such a great photo! I love it!!!

Anonymous,  14 September, 2009  

i love this picture of you... so cute.
i got the link of the dos family portrait challenge from another friend in blogworld and saw your photo too. i was like, "oh, it's annie!" hehe. so i thought i'd pop over and say hi!