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2 September 2009

Things I will be purchasing soon and making soon

There are a few things I need to purchase this weekend and things I will be making.
I am going to get some trousers that fit for work! I recon this pair is nice.
And this pair will be very comfortable.
I love this top, it's 5 quid at Bon Marche and I'm hoping to get it this weekend.
Getting a kit for more lip balms and soaps and stuff, this kit is amazing. It will be for my shop.
I'm going to make a similar fall leaf garland for my class. I have to decorate a whole board and I want to do it fall themed.
Make some masks for Halloween.
And these turkey paintings will be great for the kids to do and I can stick it on my huge board with fall themed things.
I'm going to make delicious stuffed zucchini for dinner tomorrow night.


lacy 07 September, 2009  

omg the stuffed zuch looks to die for! wheee yummmmm

Anonymous,  14 September, 2009  

i need this recipe... these look amazing!!!!!!