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22 September 2009

TO DO(in this order):
1. Put laundry in
2. Tidy room
3. Chop veg for stirfry
4. Design some labels for my shop
5. Take Charlie for walk
6. Put laundry in dryer
7. Package order
8. Make stirfry
9. Relax with a hot cocoa
10. Get a pic n mix bag and watch Julie and Julia
12. Wake up and start all over again .. only with some thrifting!!


Anonymous,  23 September, 2009  

ooh, julie and julia.
let me know how it is!!!

lacy 23 September, 2009  

yeah J&J was very cute. Beware you will now be saying 'BONE_APA_TEA' all the time! Tee hee