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21 September 2009

..comin' down on a sunny day

"I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain, comin' down on a sunny day."
Hey everyone, going to be a tiring week! I'm opening at work..0615! Oh dear. But I am going to see Julie and Julia (again) on Tue, and on Wed I have church then Fri Laura is comin' over and we (her, me, Mum) are going to try to find a place in Wells-on-the-Sea to stay for the night, and have a wonderful Sat..oh yeah Charlie will be there too course.
I will be getting off of work at 1415 though so..that's good, I'll have time to work on my shop - which you should all look out's going to be yummy!! <3>
Here are some things I love this week..

Sun Fantasy Landscape

It's Raining
pot holders!

Fall collage..

Love these wall
vinyls! Such a great way to feature art in your home.

This fat quarter is too cute..pandas and apples!