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11 October 2009

Sunday's Best

First off, I would like to personally thank Joe the Pro and Jessica for their brilliant work on my website and graphics. I love the new look, be sure to check out their site's and see who else they've may see some familar faces.

Let me know what you think of the new look!!
(gotta take some quick photos..more later today!)
International market part 2 of 2!

The Greek those garlic stuffed olives, also got huge kalamatas and some sun dried tomatoes.
My Mum and Dad's cap
My Gingerbread Latte
German stand, crepes. Om nom nom.
I also ate 1/2 a Kangaroo burger.


michelle 11 October, 2009  

i love it! :] it looks so great...and the colors are dreamy :]

stina 12 October, 2009  

it looks fantastic!! my blog really needs a make over, sigh.