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12 October 2009

The day off

Today I fell in love with:
Rooftop gardens and..
Starbucks Cafe Latte
On my day off I started with a little work at the office filling out an application for a television show here in the UK. The I went downtown Huntingdon and post a gift to Ms. Laura Williams and the application. I got myself a stand from Argos to hang my clothes in my room (pictures later this week witha room tour!) and also a Ploughmans Sandwaich from Sainsbury. Following that I went to Cambridge for some Starbucks, city gazing and grazing around an art gallery..full of cow art. Will share more later. Now it's to bed with a hot drink, some Vicks and someone suggest: Hot Sauce (Louisiana Hot Sauce here I come!!). And a chick flick (course!).
Etsy Update:

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