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23 January 2010

Are YOU watching?

I have a live webcam feed, it's on during the day when I do nothing. OR when I do SOMETHING. Like earlier tonight I showed everyone how I do my make up before I went out. Then..I did a movie and restuarant review. Maybe I will do some cooking tutuorials and more planned things. Feel free to suggest things you want to see.

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kimi 24 January, 2010  

ah, i want to see the video of you doing your makeup or a review. i don't know how to figure it out. is it only at certain times?

anne esquibel 24 January, 2010  

Yeah it is only pretty much when I feel like it. Like right now I'll probably do one since I'm going to do my make up. You know actually I'm going to record it this time for a show. Do I will do it just for you Kimi! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I'll post a link later!!

anne esquibel 24 January, 2010  

Actually having just got out of bed and the flu, I may leave it for when I am feeling better xx