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21 January 2010

Some goals..

Some goals for twentyten:
1. to care less about what people think of me and care more about what God thinks of me
2. to be absolutely busy serving God, taking as many oppertunities as I can as long as it's glorifying to God
3. Take care of my body - naturally
4. to keep my thoughts pure
5. read my Bible and pray every day
6. organise a non profit organisation led by me and Megan
7. to make God my number one priority
8. to drive
9. to let go the past and the accident
These are just a few. I've decided to write them down as I think of them and cross them off when I feel like I'm accomplished it.
What are some of your goals/resolutions?


kimi 22 January, 2010  

oh how i have missed you!! i hope everything is ok. do you have skype? we should talk!

kimi 22 January, 2010  

oh and some of my goals.
to run a 5k
to buy a flip video camera and shoot funny videos and stop motion
to learn to knit
and cook more :)

sunny 27 January, 2010  

ooh good goals!

my 2010 ones include: becoming more authentic and less likely to hide behind the mask of the "fun person", letting the past go*, putting people first (before things), and also getting my apartment in tip top, sparkling order. Oh yeah - and doing devotions more often so that my relationship with God gets closer :)

*Last night I watched an oprah show episode where Rosie ODonnell was talking about her past..and a friend had pointed out that she always told people her mom died when she (Rosie) was 10 years old. Thus making herself a victim AND forgetting that she herself is a mother now.

It got me thinking about who I tell people I am....and what identity I have right now that I'm not owning up to.

(thanks for letting me share that!)

Anonymous,  12 February, 2010  

"read your bible, pray every day and you'll grow, grow, grow...".
this is a good list, annie.