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21 January 2010


It's me, Six Gun Annie..remember?

Well, I was really sick for a while. But I've been getting better these past 3 weeks. 2010 is about making decisions and perservering for me. So I'm just going to toughen up a bit, even if it kills me. I visited Springfield, MO to see friends and family.

I hung out this this guy, Brent Thornton. He's like my brother. I can tell him anything and my first night in we always go for dinner and coffee and talk for hours. I love him soooo much.

I met this guy here. Eric Guinn. Man oh man, I call him the Italian Job because he's SO Italian..and gorgeous. I did a photoshoot for the band he(and my mate Doug) is in called Trash Angels, I will show you those later. Eric and I went out a couple times. He is a real gentleman and a great kisser..wait..maybe I'm the good kisser and he just has great lips? I know, oh blog, I am grossing you out, I will stop.

I got an HP Laptop for my birthday (which is Saturday..I'll be 24) and I have wireless internet in my room, so I will be blogging more.

I am back.
Six Gun Annie

Ps. Later tonight I will be posting some new years goals


Anonymous,  12 February, 2010  

i saw your family at applebee's then but you weren't with them. :(
hope it was a great trip for you.