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25 March 2010

Baby I'm Coming Home

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been working a lot and I'm pretty sure I have shingles.

Moving on..

Since I will be moving next will be time for this in the coming year..

HOME DECOR! I love love love the use of blue and brown. I think all these colours really pull together.

Elegant it! I love mixing the old with the new, vintage with elegant..

My first couch in my own apartment..was like this one! Only orange. I love this room, I would be reading or having tea with someone in it constantly!


I love all the knick knacks and the chairs!

Duck egg blue

I'm thinking you cannot go wrong as long as you are clean, concise and allow yourself to be creative.

Does anyone have a fav home decor tip you can give me?