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27 March 2010

An eye out for these!

I can't wait to go flea marketing with Megan and start to collect some dishware again!

Love these pink glasses!

You can find beauties like these in charity shops too..

I want to mix and match!

Dream set will end up looking like this, mmm all the casseroles and pastas I make will looke lovely in these..

..and these!

Mmm a hot cuppa tea in these mugs is sure to brighten your day

And a classic set!

Had these plates when I was little <3

(click on pics for sources)

Any one have any favourites?


Angela 29 March, 2010  

Ohhh how I love Pyrex!! When you get to Springfield, I want to go to all the flea markets with you :D

anne esquibel 30 March, 2010  

Sweet yeah we will go shopping wooooooooooo! xxxxx