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1 September 2012

Brighten Up!!


I got off of work today and it was raining. My two best friends left on a trip to see their mother. I don't have a boyfriend (at least not one). I have two dogs who I love to cuddle with a list of things that I needed to do at home.

I recently starting renting a house. (Emphasis on rent..the step before you buy..right) I love house life! I love having two bedrooms, a living room and kitchen. I love the fact I have a huge back yard. But the house is old.

Bring life to your kitchen by a simple and easy cabinet make-over. I went to Home Depot after work and bought some Oops Paint for fifty cents, it was white so I added a little yellow to it to make it a fresh clean yellow look. I didn't want to paint all the cabinets because I think that's a little intense. So I taped off edges and painted!

The look is clean and easy, try the panels on a hutch, kitchen or bathroom cabinets. And when the life returns to the room, remember, you did it yourself!! Express yourself.