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20 November 2008

Etsy Shop Update!!

Ok well I know it's been a while since I've told ya what has been going on with my shop. First off, the past couple weeks have been my favourite in creating and I think that I will enjoy the rest of the year. Sales have been picking up, so tell your family and friends. And don't be afraid to buy a little something, my first 30/maybe 50 sales I', sending out a bunch of freebies too.

I made this art journal. It is composed of completely repurposed and recycled materials. It has a very vintage, one of a kind look. I loved making it. The next one will be more themed and I will make many more!!

These candles are also repurposed. The wax was from church candles I obtained from my church. I added yummy scents, REAL MINT AND LAVENDER from my garden, for a fresh smell. And they are pretty pretty.

Last but not least I made these cute little brooches. They were so fun to make. For me it's like scrapbooking and I LOVE scrapbooking so it was like taking it with me. They are cool on bags and jackets or just worn as a cute little feature on any outfit.

I will be making more art journals. So keep an eye out from them. I will also be doing some soap and ACEO art! Woo. Anyway I better get going, have a meeting with my lawyer!

Ps. I need to clean my office/workspace..does anyone else have a big mess to clean up?