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18 November 2008

More Inspiration

Ok. So I know haven't been taking alot of photos. But I promise I will catch up at some point. I've just been in overload with ideas and I'm just now having time to get them down.

First of thing I adore..are these art jounals people are making. I would love to make one.I've been saving some scraps of card from pizza boxes and Coca-Cola ones too. Trying to recyle some of the junk I pick brochures and stuff too.

Here is an awesome art journal I saw Holly Neufeld:

So pretty fun! I can't wait to make one but I always try to get my hands on one made already just so I can see what more is involved.

I made Peanutbutter Cup hand soaps and also Tiny Snowmen hand soaps!! They are really cute. And the best part is they are gentle and have antural ingredients for sensitive skin! :) The soap making endevour is a little discouraging. I tried to go one route but it's realy tempermental. I think I will buy some SLS free Glycerin Soap bases and continue with my ideas. I'll show pics soon.

I'm getting a tonne of inspiration from Etsy stores. When you get time just search or surf around the site..there is so much to see. I love looking at the soaps and scrap book gear. I can't wait until I am not as sick and I can go back to the States, Springfield , Mo and live and work!!

I wanted to show so much more. But I'm sooo tired. Thanks for listening!!