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12 November 2008

Inspiration Time

I absolutely love this artist, Lauren. She has a clean less complicated style. This ACEO card is available among others in her etsy store. I think ACEO is a great way to collect art for a good price from your favourite artists, and better yet you can display them in those plastic card pockets!! You can really make some beautiful arrangements in color or style or theme!! So keep an eye out for these this winter, it'd be a GREAT hobby to start. Lauren is a part of a community I'm in called WE LOVE ETSY. And boy we do.

Emily Soullierre is a member of a community I am involved in called KcEtsy. I love the bright colors of this wallet. I love mixing and matching patterns and bright colors. I think it NEVER goes out of style and I'm sure there is proof somewhere that the stimulation from fresh colors does rejuvinate, like citrus shower gel.

This girl is so amazing. She is super talented, successful and she doesn't let it get to her head. I enjoy buying and crafting with people who care. You can see the care in their products! I especially love this underwear postcard pack!!

Elsie Flannigan, there is loads to be inspired by on her blog and also, she is having a class, it may be full now but I'm sure there are a lot of chances in the future to learn from her.

I have an exciting announcement for my shop and sure to keep checking back. Oh I can't wait to tell you. :)


Lauren 12 November, 2008  

Thank you for featuring me! Your blog looks fabulous! Oh and you have an ADORABLE shop.


anne esquibel 14 November, 2008  

Hey Lauren, thanks so much. I have so many random things in that shop but this year is just for finding a path for me :)


ps. love your art!!