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14 November 2008


Just been jumping around on the internet looking for inspiration here and there.

I've been looking for some reipes for soap that are more natural and harmless. As I have HS I want it for myself but I also need some good projects for my etsy shop for the next month. I think my may just try from coldpress glycerin recipes, if you have any or are a soap maker let me know what a beginner should do.

The candle making is sooo fun. They are so yummy and pretty. I'm going to look for smaller pots and totally repurpose all the wax in my garage..which is alot because my church had some leftover ones!! I found out that just a tiny bit of crayola a pinch, will color a candle!!

Anyway what I really wanted to post about is the Project 365!! It looks really fun and I want everyone to get invovled. It will enrich your life so much. I want to get people to commit to it so I am going to start on 1 Jan. It's also a great time to start a resolution that won't invovle food, drugs or weight. The photos from day to day and month to month will show how you change, physically.

Look it up on google and see if you like the idea..if so we will work together and chare pics! Be sure to join it's free and fun and will help.