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16 November 2008


I'm really excited to make some soap next week. I have ideas running through my head and I'm in overload. I just need to start on it you know. And don't worry I keep up on my blogs and show you along the way. Yum yum soap. The kind I am making you will want to eat. Hehe.

Anyway. I was thinking about this Project 365, and I think I will start soon. why wait until January 1st? If I start soon the more photos I will have to share with others and I can take some more exciting ones when I visit my friends and family. ;)

As excited as I am - I'm still pretty tired and tomorrow I have church. Come to think of it..Monday I have an apt for my tonsilectomy..but maybe I'll get some soaps done before then.

Sold another item in my store!! Keep looking in the etsy shop (link to right) because I'm usually updating every other week. :)

Peace and love!!