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8 December 2008


Germany was fun. It took forever to get there by bus but at least I can say I did it! It wore me out. The Market was AMAZING, the food was great (yum, my kinda food! Love.)

Jesus was packed and ready.

There was inspiration everywhere!! I took notes!!

Hello..I am so going to make these journals..

Because my knee is bad I had to sit out at least an hour, but it was nice munch on a Nutella Chocolate Crepe while listening to this guy..

(I know..long post huh..)
I'm so charmed by BEE products!

I had lots of Mum! Starbuks. Dark Cherry Latte!

So after all the inspiration I decided to get crafty.
Today I made these candles that are available in MY SHOP.

They are so delicious. Chocolate Plain Cupcake Candles and Vanilla Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Candles. Yummy!!

Tomorrow I am making Salsa for the church dinner Wednesday. Perhaps I shall take you through that process. I have a few more candles up my sleeve!!



Funky Art Queen 09 December, 2008  

It sounds like you had so much fun. I used to live in Spagdellum as a child on the US airforce base.

anne esquibel 09 December, 2008  

Awesome. It was super cool. I had a great time. Came home a lil ill but only because it was like 9 hrs by bus! I bet if I went next summer, on a plane or drove, it'd easier.