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5 December 2008

Inspiration time..(all the time)

Hi. First off can I just say sorry for not posting more..content filled blogs. I am a pretty sick little girl to be honest. I have a long list of health problems from bad tonsils to thyroid, hidradenitis suppurativa to polycystic ovaries. And on top of that the meds + any cold I have..make me very poorly and ran down. But I promise I will try harder. I don't think I am as busy next you might see more out of me then!!

On to inspiration..
This music makes me move!!:

(New Device)

This movie gives me many fashion and crafty ideas!!:


This person makes me very crafty:

I love this from Etsy..:

Which can be found at: THIS CUTE SHOP

Mmm. Can't wait to get some energy back. If you pray..send one up for me. I feel soooo dead right now..physically. Which can be so frustrating for mind is in overdrive. :)

Peace and Love!!


Funky Art Queen 09 December, 2008  

I will say a prayer for you. I just want you to feel energy and rested and just have a fun time with life. Hugs from Texas

anne esquibel 09 December, 2008  

Oh thank you soooo much. I will get alot done this week, with the added help of Mountain Dew, perhaps not the best way for a boost, but works! :)