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17 February 2009

Catch up with me!!

Us 4 years ago!

Now that I've caught my breath from the weekend and I don't have pain - I'm going to take advantage of it! Some people are asking what I did..there you go! (said in the very same manner as Costa Porticolus from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding')

Daniel arrived on Valentine's Day at about 2pm. And YES I did get everything done I needed to. I had started roasting the veggies just before he arrived and he was there just in time for the pasta making.

I used chopped: onions, red sweet pepper, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, courjette(zuccini), crushed/diced/whole garlic some delicious EVOO and rock salt and pepper, oven roasted on high until all the juices come out and the veggies are all soft and crispy on edges.

Then I used my pasta machine to make and cut the dough I made: eggs, flour and italian herbs.

I layered it on a plate with some fresh parmesian cheese and diced sundried tomatoes (in oil). Daniel said it was the most amazing pasta he has ever had..

I also made these little treats. Elegant (and sorry men, incredibly girly) Rose Cupcakes. I made the roses all different sizes and it looked like a bouquet!

I gave him his gifts, yummy truffles I made. 1/2 are Bailey's Irish Cream Truffles, and the other half are Orange Liquer Truffles. He also fell in love with those too, hehe, look out for the review he's going to do soon. Also..these recipes will be in my cookbook. :)

Him enjoying my gifts. This is the gift I kept secret I wanted so hard to spoil and tell you before I gave it to him. Now he has it..check out the book..right.. "All that men know about women.." look.

It's funny and true! Hehe. He said he was going to fill it with what he knows about women. Which is a lot. ;)
Later we went to a banquet at my church (which I've been reading is the thing to do and a lot of churches are doing it) for dinner and a movie, the movie was FIREPROOF. It's made by the same people that brought you FACING THE GIANTS and it's just as emotional and effective. Daniel really enjoyed it. I did too. We are a bit of movie buff ourselves and to watch something with other people (instead of just me and him in my parents room - American DVD player location) or in my living room) and it was major fun.
Went back home after and watched a movie. I felt very dizzy. I was very wobbly and when I moved my head I felt like I was going to pass out. he took me upstairs and put me in bed where he held my hand and stroked my hair until I fell alseep. He also left his number on speed dial on my phone and slept with the doors open for a while so he could hear me.
Sunday came. we went to church. Had a wonderful lunch. Then we watched BIG in my parents room. Just I was starting to take my Sunday nap..he woke me to inform me it was time for church. It was what our church calls F.I.T. night so a lot was going on. Since he's a musician he helped with the childrens choir - which worked out well coz we had moved the piano out of the back room where the kids were and Daniel brought his guitar! All the while I was in my weightloss class with the other women. - haha doing CAN'd be surprised on how that can work your arms! Then we both were in the nursery watch the cutest little boy ever.
Went home watched some more movies and I got a baaaad headache, he contemplated taking me to ER but instead I settled for a cold cloth on the head and Bridget Jones 2 in my room where he sat as I fell alseep.
Loooong I know..but he did stay the whole weekend. He gave me a book "Think and Grow Rich" which he's been reading and me being a business owner - will be very useful, I can't wait to read it. And a very sweet card, BETTER THAN MY was one of those fancy "this is how I feel about you" cards in which he wrote in very nice handwriting how he feels about me.
A great weekend..much creativity on the horizon..

Us now <3
(only in a year I'll look more healthy and thin, as I'm getting gastric bypass surgery done very soon)

Hope you enjoyed my shanannigans!


kimi 17 February, 2009  

Yummy yummy! So glad you are feeling better. I want that recipe for those truffles, cause I am drowling :) Happy V-day you looked lovely!

kimi 18 February, 2009  

what is "this cookbook" you speak of...cause I will be the first in line!

kimi 18 February, 2009  

Oh my gosh! Yes...I love to cook and love new recipes.
Last night I made the most amazing butternut squash fries that were out of the biggest loser cookbook, good and good for you! I will totally review for you! Yippee!!