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16 February 2009

Woe to the weekend..

..I had a great one! Minus some headaches and dizziness. I want to tell you all about it, when I get a couple pictures back from the Valentine's Day.

But I will tell you this..I have the most amazing relationship with the most amazing person I've ever came across, minus my Dad and my brothers. I know I've written about him before..but. this weekend just really went to show how close and real someone can be. How they can be a genuine friend, caretaker and tough person too! (making me go to the dr. and being firm with NHS!!)

Get this. Vday night I got super dizzy, I don't even remember much. But my Daniel took me to bed, put me in it, put his number on the speed dial so I just have to press one button to call him(even though he's in the next room) and in my jibberish sat by my bedside stroking my hair until I fell asleep. He told me he listened for a while whilst my door was open and his too. And the next night I had an aweful headache (I have some problems from a car accident a 8mo ago) and he wanted to take me to ER, but I want to tough it out. So he stayed with me, watching Bridget Jones 2 as I fell asleep and he took my glasses off as I drifted.

I will tell you more and show you pictures soon!

How was your weekend?

PS. I added a new blog to my links on the right. The lovely Tovetyll.


kimi 16 February, 2009  

That is totally no fun to be dizzy!! I am sorry darling, but very glad that your man took care of you!