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19 February 2009


Okay so this is what the painting is looking like now. The buyer is excited..I'm not sure where to go from here. I have thought about leaving it, or making some vines and flowers on the right side wrapping around the black building and around her hip. Like they are together and their worlds are starting to come together too.

What do you think? Should I keep going..any ideas? The buyer already said it's better than he was expecting. Let me know your opinions!



kimi 19 February, 2009  

I love it...I think it looks great how it is. I love the background colors especially! Awesome job Miss Annie!!

tovetyll 19 February, 2009  

hi, and thank you so much for visiting my blog!!
your painting is awsome, how great!! I think it's very hard to say how you should continue with it...I think my best advice is to follow the feeling in you stomach, it's always right, trust me!!:)

anne esquibel 19 February, 2009  

Thanks. Well what I've done on it since is I blended the sky, put a parking garage behind her and a passion vine going up her body and up a bit of his arm. The vine goes up her boddy and ends with a passion flower in her hair.

jillian 19 February, 2009  

ohmygosh.. loooove it.

i think you should continue with it!!!

Nicole 20 February, 2009  

Your painting look fantastic. I love all the color in it! I hope you share the finished product. I can't wait to see it!