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13 February 2009


I love Fridays!!
I love staying up late on Friday nights.
I love them more than Saturdays.
They make me feel very special. <3
Found here: Super*Junk on Flickr.

I heart this girl! She makes little dollies and she had all this vintage stuff in her house etc. She has a great clean style, be sure to check her out. She reminds me of Elsie Flannigan..only a little different you know?

If ya'll have blogs, make a lil cute ad and I'll put it in my favourites. I think they look cute hehe, plus they are helpful to the people I'm posting them up for I'm sure.

Friday night plans?


tovetyll 16 February, 2009  

hi there:) your blog is lovely, I found the link at Silje's blog. love your shop as well!
since you ask for fun and inspirational blogs, I have a blog that's full of colours, and my creations. in my etsy, there's cute monsters, art and more.

maybe I see you there? have a great day!

love, Tove:)

anne esquibel 16 February, 2009  

Ha! Course! I love monsters. I shall put your link up m'dear.