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12 February 2009

THURSDAY(calling all etsy shop owners)

I booked a showcase on Etsy for the day after Valentine's Day!! It's a Bath and Beauty one, so all my yummy lip balms etc will be in it. 12am Saturday night - for 12 hours.

I love these: by CozyMoments

I saw this on Rachel's blog. It is soooooo cute. I really want to do this for the next Holiday!!

Made by:

For Valentine's I have planned, Daniel is coming up, I'm making some roasted veggies and pasta - I'm MAKING the pasta too (like the tutorial I put on here) and having Vday cupcakes for dessert, then later we are going to a Vday Banquet for dinner and a movie. And then I made him chocolate truffles!! :)
There is always a lot of hungs and kisses in between and lovely cards, gifts and just love.
What do you have planned?


lisa currie 14 February, 2009  

yuuuum. that first picture looks delish! perhaps they're not even edible. if they were soap i'd take a bit just out of the suspision that they don't taste like soap but like cheesecake ♥ thanks for sharing! x