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9 February 2009


I want to make it a great habit to blog everyday productively. If you read my blog you know I blog a lot and about everything. I want to keep up with inspiration this week, diferent themes and also a product release in my shop this week! (So keep checking!)

Today. You guessed it. PINK.


These GO GREEN sleeves are a great way to save the environment and also look super cute doing it. Especially if you do drink alot of coffees or hot drinks when you are out and about. This gem fits in your purse and it will drive your friend wild - they will all want one! You can find them at PinkGasoline on etsy.

Looks delicious, pink cupcake! Yummy! With Valentine's day coming up I just want to dive into's soap! Another great Valentine's gift. Or a gift for anytime. They make great party favors, and a beautiful accessory for your bathroom. I have my own bathroom, so I get to decorate it however I want - this is definitely a great idea for a bathroom. Big fluffy towels, candles and soaps all different flavours and looks. Wash up at CozyMoments on etsy.

Pink apartment! I would have though a pink apartment would look a little or annoying. ;) BUT - it's not. I find this apartment to be a refreshing look, with a vintage feel. It even has some class. I love the yellow chairs! Nice contrast.

I hope this post has been inspiring for you. I know it was for me making it. I love the look of pink and green. In fact, painting may be on the horizon.
I have a couple items coming out this week in my shop and they are pink!!
I think pink gets a lot of flack as being too girly or something. I think pink in the right proportions is beautiful.
What do you think of pink? Pink nails? Pink eye shadow, hair, jewelry. I'm not a huuuuge die hard fan favourite color is green but I seem to have a whole pink wardrobe and I believe it's because it's my signature color. What is yours?


waysideviolet 09 February, 2009  

i ♥ this!

Here's some more pink:

anne esquibel 09 February, 2009  

That one is cute too! I am falling in love with those. I mean..they are good for cold drinks too like Fraps etc so that your hand doesn't freeze. Make me want Starbucks..which next time I go I'm totally getting what I read on Elsie's blog, Strawberry Frap with Toffee, she said tastes like Cap'n Crunch Berries.