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11 February 2009


The other day a guy I went to school with here in England, looked at my art and decided he wanted to purchase a piece. The piece he wanted was already sold. But for the last week I was feeling inspiration to paint a similar piece!! It's like it was meant to be for him. So he is going to pay me some big bucks for this painting. Here is the start..hope it ends well!!

I love painting, does anyone else paint?



jillian 11 February, 2009  

annie.. I lovvvee it. I can not wait till you finish it..!!!!!

I paint a little but I am not the best.. so its just for enjoyment.

kimi 11 February, 2009  

Yeah!! I love it and can't wait to see the final piece. I have been feeling inspired by elsie's painting and have started doodling and got some paints and stuff, but haven't started yet...a little nervous but excited to start.

Freckled Nest 11 February, 2009  


anne esquibel 11 February, 2009  

I woul dlove to be one of those people who..takes forever on a painting, and may just take my time with this one, but I really wanna just paint on it all day. Kimi, don't be nervous! Just dive in :)

And LA..lala love..pppsssh some smart pretty creative chick from Winnepeg once told me something about making things by hand and not online. Or something I can't truely remember but I think I grapsed the concept!! :) Thanks LA you is le best.