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23 March 2009

Goodbye my love

It's a sad notion but I put my Print Gocco Pg-10 Super screen printer + kit on E-bay today. (It's listed HERE) I love it and it works great, it's easy to use. Like most things being put on e-bay I need the money. I know they are hard to find and I have people ask me all the time where I got mine, so I want to give others a chance to have one for a good price. So..E-bay it is. I got great use out of it and I hope the next person does too.


kimi 23 March, 2009  

oh, i love this! but after buying my class for RVA, no money left! hopefully it goes to a good home!

Mika 23 March, 2009  

Hi there, love your post off the head bands. Mika

mandy 25 March, 2009  

The only words I understood of that post are "e-bay" and "money."
hehe. I'm totally not in the design/print world, but love your pics. Always come back for your pics.