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5 August 2009

Check it out.

57 lbs lighter
a few inches smaller
off of some meds that I thought I'd be on for life
dodged diabetes
..and still going. :)

Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement.

What is your fav exercise!? I'm always looking for something new. :)


Suzanne 06 August, 2009  

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Very inspiring :)
Best wishes on continued sucess in reaching your goals!

I know it's not new but honestly my favourite exercise is plugging into some great music on my headphones and walking... or the elyptical machine if I'm feeling really energetic :)

Elaine 06 August, 2009  

this is SO inspiring to me! congratulations!

i love love love love to exercise. One of my favorite things to do is hula-hooping. oh i love it. I can do it while watching TV or listening to music.

i also love the elliptical, and I love walking in my town. I walked 2 miles today! :]

ashley 06 August, 2009  

are those all you? you hardly look like the same person!

congrats, i understand how hard it is. i've lost 40 pounds since February. Congrats again!


anne esquibel 06 August, 2009  

Thank you thank you. I like elliptical machines too!! I think I will do that today. Anyone do resistance bands? x

Rachell Taylor 06 August, 2009  

Swim swim swim. I love swimming because it doesn't feel like excercise, you don't ache after it's over, and not only do you get a good workout but also a great stretch too. Congratulations.

stina 06 August, 2009  

OMG! good job!!!

i really like pilates, long walks, and carmen electra's aerobic strip tease dvd 2/fit to strip is really great (i don't like the "strips" but the second dvd is a normal exercise dvd). i don't do enough of it though.

lacy 06 August, 2009  

yay for you yay yay yay! My fave exercise is yoga of course! : ) Haven't forgotten about guest blog. I am working on it! : )

the rusty walnut 07 August, 2009  

congrats! you are an inspiration and beautiful :)

Miss Wanderlust 11 August, 2009  

SOooo inspiring and yes super attractive :) My favorite excercise these days is water walking. You burn 3 times as many calories as regular walking!!! Plus you are in the water :_ Love it!!!

Elaine Biss Designs 17 August, 2009  

Go on Girl!!! I have been doing Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred and it`s totally worth it. I am on my second month and I have so much stamina!
Keep up the good work!
Elaine B.