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7 August 2009

GET CRAFTY! (and get s discount on some sweet uggs!)

Hey everyone. I am in a very inspirational mood. So I thought I would put my creativeness to use!! I'm going to start making my Christmas gives me time to make them super good and be done early. And I will be making more items for my shop. I found a lot of inspiration here.

So far I am going to make a few of these cute guys..
A couple of these cuuute chic totes..
Gift in a JAR! This one it from Little Birdie Secrets

And the discount..
Alicia was kind enough to give my readers a discount on some sweet foot wear, just go to and for 15gbp to spend type in the coupon "SIXGUNANNI". Thank you Alicia, on behalf of myself and everyone else. They are super cute!

ugg boots