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16 September 2009

Me and Charlie took some photos the other day.

We have a new family photo. It's me and him. I tell you, he bring such joy to my heart. The times when I was crying he was kissing my tears away and when I'm happy he loves on me, when I'm too tired or ill to walk him he looks at me like he understands. Match.

Can I get a WHO WHO!! This owl mini dress is the greatest!
More tomorrow night or this weekend. Been a busy week and I'm sooo tired. Thank-you to Lacy for the lovely post!


Elaine 16 September, 2009  

these pictures are gorgeous! I love the edits on them. Really really cool.

Christine 16 September, 2009  

I love your family photo you might want to consider having it printed on canvas. I bet it would fantastic!