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10 September 2009

Hello Six Gun Annie Lovers!

Hi I'm Lacy!

blog! I love it! I've developed a serious case of blogger brain and take notes and pictures when I am out in the world to blog about later. You just never know when a fun idea will strike!

For example... I took this yesterday with my phone. It's totally blurry but it that doesn't start a conversation I don't know what would, seriously!

I've met amazing people as a result of blogging like Miss Six Gun Annie herself and this girl and this one.

It's amazing the people that you can meet online and thus far I've found that most people are totally sane. LOL really though. It's the coolest to find a fellow creative and fast friend blog hopping.

I flair my nostrils when I am being silly... I just realized it when I saw this picture that my girl friend Rachel too. Now that I've seen it I notice that I do it all the time. It totally cracks me up.

I am inspired by people like this and can get lost on sites like this for hours.

I am almost always covered in cat hair and it doesn't bother me the slightest bit. This is my Ned.

I love yoga.
I believe in the strength of women.
I am inspired by great photos.
I love great linens, red wine and eating pickles and parmesean cheese (no I am not pregnant... yet) : )
I believe in love, crafting and laughing til you have a stomach cramp.
I love movie quotes and getting lost in a great film.

I make
mini albums. They are my little works of art that I send out into the world. No two are ever the same and I feel like there's a little bit of magic in that. I love that people share their lives and stories with me through their photos.

I just got home from taking my little brother to college in Hawaii with my mom and I still can't get over how the the ocean is there. Everything is so vivid and alive with color in Hawaii.

So, that's me. I am a little random, full of love and sincerity and completely passionate. I hope this leaves you smiling! Happy Thursday!

Thanks Miss Six Gun for having me as your guest!

Much love,


Carmen 10 September, 2009  

Awww, thanks for the shout out Lacy! I ♥ you... and your little sister too! ;)

And Lacy makes the best little albums ever! I will cherish mine forever!

Mucho love and nice to "meet" you Annie!


lacy 10 September, 2009  

yay hello everyone!

Mary 11 September, 2009  

Such a great guest blogger....Thanks Six Gun Annie for featuring our sweet Lacy!!!

Marizee 11 September, 2009  

You flare and I crinkle...what's with the Burns nose and being silly? Great guest blog sis. You are fabulous and it's fun to see you collaborating with all our fellow fabulous blogger friends.